Welcome to Bob Goldman Law, my new law firm. After 26 years at large law firms—including 21 great years at Goulston & Storrs P.C. in Boston—I am excited to have my own shop.

My goals are to continue my sophisticated practice in estate, tax, and charitable planning, to remain accessible and accountable to my clients, and to leverage for them the relationships that I have earned with hundreds of talented colleagues in Boston and nationally—while doing so at a lower cost and without some of the burdens that come with having over one hundred law partners. And I get to do this with a daily commute of fifteen minutes!

I am blessed to have so many clients who are continuing to work with me, as well as colleagues at Goulston who continue to value my participation with their clients. So far, clients are finding it even more convenient to meet with me, either here in Salem or at the many business centers in Boston, Cambridge, Newton, and surrounding suburbs where I have use of meeting space. I would enjoy hearing from you to see if my deep experience in estate, tax, and charitable planning can be of assistance to you.